Materiell Awarded Highest Honor in Interactive Media Awards for Work on American Press Institute Website


The Interactive Media Council recently named the winners of the 2014 Interactive Media Awards, and we are excited to announce that Materiel has won the IMA Best in Class Award for our design and development work on American Press Institute’s website. This award serves as validation for what our clients already know – Materiell’s comprehensive website plans are implemented by experts in WordPress design and development, leading to effective website launches for the corporations, nonprofit, and government organizations who make up our diverse portfolio of clientele.

The Interactive Media Council is a non-profit organization consisting of leading web-related professionals, such as designers, developers, and programmers. Its annual Interactive Media Awards competition has a two-fold aim. First and foremost, the IMAs act as a means to raise the bar on commonly recognized standards of excellence in website design and development on the Internet. Second, the IMAs offer an opportunity to honor the individuals and organizations behind the design and development process working in coordination with their clients to produce successful, innovative, and responsive websites. The competition involves a very comprehensive and stringent judging process, ensuring only the entries that highlight the most innovative of designs and adhere to web development best practices are chosen as award recipients.

Materiell’s design and development of American Press Institute’s website won the IMA Best in Class Award in the “Associations” (nonprofit) category. It is the highest honor awarded to select creative agencies out of a considerably large pool of applicants each year. The site scored a 490 out of a possible 500. 172 websites were nominated for this category.

Founded in 1946, American Press Institute (API) is an educational 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose aim is to aid in the advancement of the digital age by offering support to news media, with a particular focus on local newspapers and publishers. API approached Materiell seeking a responsive website that incorporated a new brand identity to complement their mission of helping chart a path in the field of cutting edge 21st century journalism.

Along with designing a new logo and strategizing on other elements of brand identity, Materiell designed and developed a fully custom, responsive WordPress website and worked extensively with API to develop a site that was intelligently organized to display the sizable amount of content being presented on it. It resulted in a website that was finely tailored to meet the needs of API’s target audience. Materiell is honored to have collaborated with an organization like American Press Institute to produce an IMA-recognized, award-winning website that met their goals and expectations. We look forward to many future ventures into web design and development for outstanding non-profit organizations of this calibre.