Materiell named as a top WordPress Designer and Developer in Clutch Research’s latest national leader matrix.


As we’ve made mention of over the past few weeks, Materiell of Alexandria, Virginia has recently been awarded honors for our design and development work on individual client websites, including for American Press Institute and the International Institute of Global Resilience. These are powerful validations that acknowledge the innovative, holistic approach Materiell employs for all of our diverse array of clients.
Our latest announcement as a creative design and development firm, although not an award per se, may very well eclipse these other achievements in its enduring significance. Clutch, a Washington, D.C.-based research firm, recently inaugurated CMS into both its WordPress Developers Leaders Matrix and its WordPress Designers Leaders Matrix.
Joshua Margolin, a Senior Analyst at Clutch, lays out the importance of defining these leaders matrices in no uncertain terms:

“The WordPress ecosystem can be confusing because of the variety of firms that offer seemingly comparable services … Our updated research mitigates some of this buyer uncertainty by segmenting vendors based on their relative strengths in visual design and technical development.”

Materiell’s developers and designers are recognized experts in the field of WordPress back and front-end development. Our accomplished senior developers and designers have over three decades of combined experience and are well-versed in WordPress’ coding standards, which are essential to successfully complete and launch mission critical websites for some of the world’s leading businesses and organizations.
Materiell is particularly proud to have been included in both the design and developer matrices of Clutch’s latest research results. Individuals and organizations in need of website development, redesign, branding, and other services don’t necessarily need to choose the same firm to develop and then design their site. However, issues of cohesiveness between these two crucial elements may arise if multiple creative agencies are chosen to do each job, which may ultimately lead to higher overall costs and delays involving crucial deadlines prior to launch.
Extensively researched results like the matrices Clutch just published are meant to aid businesses and organizations in identifying firms that are not only capable of meeting their design and development needs but have also been evaluated and determined to be of top quality within the WordPress development field. Materiell is proud to have been inaugurated into both the WordPress Developers Leaders and Designers Leaders Matrix based on our extensive portfolio of WordPress design and development work for businesses, non-profits, and government organizations in the Washington, D.C. metro area and beyond.